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Ann Arbor rock group Kiln has been making instumental music for a decade, longer if you count the work they've done as other bands. Starting out as purveyors of a clanky, textural drone, the Kiln sound has been refined with each passing album into a cool fusion of heavily processed guitar sounds and sputtering electronics. Picking up where 2004's Sunbox EP left off, Dusker features a sound both frenetic and hypnotic that swirls around through wide stereo effects, warm buzzing tones and and choppy clicks and clacks. However, where Sunbox was somewhat mellower and dub-influenced, Dusker is more straight-ahead rock with a stronger emphasis on the guitars and a more propulsive beat on many tracks. They still bring back a dub sound on songs like "Flycatcher", and there's still soft touches of electric piano and melodica here and there, it's just that there's a sharper overlay of distorted guitar rounding things out.

The best thing about Dusker is the warmth infusing each track. Where many other producers of ambient and glitch electronics often isolate the listener with an overly artificial sound, Kiln instead provides that rare electronic release that inspires feelings of happiness and joy. As a friend remarked when I played some of the songs on Dusker, "Listening to Kiln is totally like being tickled." I couldn't agree more.


Stewart F.

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