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Making Something Out of Next to Nothing

Contemporary electronic music may not be everyone's cup of tea, and the ever-changing multitude of subgenres can make even the most hardcore music lover's head spin. The offshoot known as minimal techno or microhouse can be particularly difficult to enjoy due to an extremely repetitive, "less is more" philosophy. German musician Axel Willner, aka The Field, creates loop-based songs that manage to break free from the coldness that characterizes much of the rest of the genre. Layering dozens of tiny bits of sound like the skip of a needle in a record's groove or a single syllable of a vocalist from a long-forgotten song, Willner makes meditative, propulsive music with a surprising amount of emotional depth. While on a surface listen the songs may sound static and repetitive, a deeper listen reveals an almost fractal-like range of tiny noises building up to a larger whole. Despite the use of a 4/4 time signature on most of the songs, The Field's music is meditative as it is energetic, and it's this mix of ambience and ceaseless energy that makes From Here We Go Sublime so fascinating.


From Here We Go Sublime
Stewart F.