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sigur rós

I was one of the luckiest people in the world last night. I witnessed a concert by the Icelandic quartet that moved me and left me quite speechless. The music ranged from quiet, choir-like musings to heart-pounding, floor-shaking numbers. When the four serious, professional, multi-talented musicians gathered around the organ and the lights ebbed and glowed in rhythm with their notes, it was a truly beautiful moment. Everyone should get to witness such a moving event. Check out the music of sigur rós to bring home a piece of that magic.


sigur rós
Wendy W.


Ahhhh... SO glad you brought this one to light - Sigur Ros are one of my faves!! I first heard them on NPR's "All Songs Considered" concert series a few years ago. Terrific atmospheric stuff - essential! "Takk..." is a great place to start, "()" is also very good. (There are some nice downloadable rarities on their website, too!)
We're doing with Sigur Ros... stories and pictures from the road (or railroad). Come along!
I just got his record as a gift. I have been enjoying.
This article is the one that brought my atention because i also shared about Sigur Ros there: I discovered this group not so long ago and i just love it!

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