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Meet the Wailin' Jennys

We have a great music collection here at KPL.  There are so many wonderful singers and musicians that don't may not make it onto the radio but whose music is fantastic.  Time and again, I stumble upon a new group one way or another and happily discover KPL has their CD available for me to check out.  One group that I have really appreciated the last few years and have introduced my family to is a folk group called the Wailin' Jennys.  The first time my mom heard one of their CDs she asked me who they group was.  I told her it was the Wailin' Jennys to which she replied, "But…who is Waylon Jennings singing with?"  I explained that it was "wailin'" as in "cryin'" and the plural of the name Jenny…though none of the members are named Jenny. 

The group started when the trio came together for a onetime evening performance at a guitar shop in Canada.  They were such a success they joined forces and have been producing great music since.  The group members are Nicky Mehta, Ruth Moody, and Heather Masse, each of which comes with a distinct training and sound.  We have three of their CDs at the library:  their first CD 40 Days, Firecracker, and Bright Morning Stars which came out in 2011.  I also recently discovered that the library owns The Garden  by band member Ruth Moody.  I checked this CD out as well and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have favorite songs that I find myself listening to over and over and over again on each CD.  You get an idea of the Wailin' Jennys tight harmony in their first song on 40 Days, their debut CD, titled One Voice.  This CD also has a great cover of Neil Young's Old Man and my very favorite Wailin' Jennys song Ten Mile Stilts.  I find Starlight and Apocalypse Lullaby on Firecracker hauntingly beautiful.  Their style seems a little jazzier for Bright Morning Stars.  Mona Louise and Cherry Blossom Love get stuck in my head very easily and after listening to them I find myself tapping my toes and singing them in my head for hours.  As for Ruth Moody's CD, I like every song…a lot.  On this week after Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the wonderful CD collection we have at KPL and the great music I have listened to because of it.


40 Days
Elysha Cloyd