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Ron Asheton (1949 - 2009)

The sad news came yesterday that Ron Asheton, founding member of the seminal proto-punk rock band The Stooges and Michigan native, had been found dead in his Ann Arbor home. Asheton, along with his brother Scott and enigmatic singer Iggy Pop, formed The Stooges in the late 1960's as an aggressive reaction to the flowery psychedelic rock that was popular at the time. Their sound was brash and raw and would help pave the way for the entire punk rock movement to happen later in the 1970's. The Stooges would break up in 1973-74 after recording the seminal album Raw Power, but thrilled fans when they reunited in 2003. Sadly, with Asheton's death, that reunion has now come to an end. 


Ron Asheton