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Not surprisingly, in the time I've worked at the library, I've become a much more regular library patron than I used to be, particularly for print materials.  Only recently however, have I begun to take more frequent advantage of KPL's growing music collection.  My own taste in music has always been somewhat electic and I love being able to check out a CD by an artist I haven't heard before to decide if it's something I would be interested in purchasing.  I've also enjoyed reading on this blog about what my colleagues are listening to and I look forward to checking out some of their recommendations.  In fact, I was happy to see that one or two of my own favorites have already been the subject of previous posts on this blog.  Right now, my own playlist includes: The WeepiesShelby LynneFall Out BoyDarius RuckerAlison KraussFleet FoxesJason MrazNeil Diamond (it's a blast from my past listening to him again!), Regina Spektor, and an occasional Broadway soundtrack.   

Another good way to learn about new music is by subscribing to NPR's Song of the Day


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