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Fork in the Road

If you’re looking for yet another sequel to Harvest or Comes a Time, forget it, this certainly isn’t it. But that's not a bad thing by any means. Much like Living with War (and even reminiscent at times of Tonight’s the Night and On the Beach), Neil Young's latest, Fork in the Road, is raw and immediate - straight forward, guitar driven songs about his car, driving, greed, and hope for a better world. Archetypal Neil - probably not for everyone... but isn’t that what makes Neil Young “Neil Young?” You can go along for the ride and always find something unexpected and provokingly beautiful. Or, skip the latest journey and continue waiting by the roadside for the Neil Young Archives (now scheduled for June release). He doesn’t mind either way.

LinkVolt automobileBut “Just singing a song won’t change the world,” he tells us. Indeed, there’s a much different sort of project being worked on in the garage. At the heart of Fork in the Road is Neil’s renovated 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible, LincVolt, a quirky (you expect otherwise?) hybrid. According the LincVolt site, the goal was to create a full-size zero emissions automobile using established technologies in new ways. The result is 2½ tons of vintage iron that’s being designed to run on clean power. The car has even been entered in the Automotive X Prize competition and will race along with more than 100 others from California to Washington D.C. in 2010.

So, are you up for a drive? In a newly produced online film, Get Around, Neil offers the opportunity to pre“view” the entire album for free on his website. Watch along as Neil takes listeners on a 43 minute cross-country drive in LincVolt while singing along with the all of the songs from the album. Then check out the CD from our ever-expanding Music Department and enjoy the ride.

Here’s Neil “Just Singing a Song” from MSN... Fill 'er up!


Fork in the Road