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Combining education and entertainment has always been a great way to learn; especially for young people.  Grammy Award winning musicians They Might Be Giants have edutainment down to a science with the release of their 14th album, Here Comes Science.  What better way to learn about topics such as photosynthesis, anatomy, outer space, chemistry and more than through great music.  Young audio and visual learners will delight in this CD which also features a DVD filled with music videos.  Check it out soon, and you too, will be humming the lyrics to the Bloodmobile!


Here Comes Science
Jill L


I look forward to listening/watching. I like the other TMBG stuff, too: Here Come the 123s (Listen to "Even Numbers", Here Come the ABCs, and farther back.
TMBG were on the Late Late Show last week (Dec 11). Who knew that the sun's energy comes from old typewriters and bologna sandwiches??! I had honestly forgotten how much fun these guys are!
"...they had a fight, triangle wins...triangle man.." favorite song.
This is awesome. Another creative way to enhance learning. Most of the students right now are getting bored with old-fashioned style of teaching. With this new trend, learning will be more fun and entertaining. Thanks for sharing :)

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