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A mix of Santana and Yanni (and likely some Pink Floyd in there, too), Kitaro was a random pick of mine when I was recently browsing the popular music section in our audio-visual department at Central library. He is touted as a master of the New Age music movement, but I simply appreciate the music as being a combination of sounds and styles. It isnt the space music/under the sea sound of something like Paul Winters Callings, but is instead a nice melding of all sorts of things right about music: orchestral flow, digital sound, traditional instrumentation, and long blues-based guitar strains. 

A winner of numerous Grammy Awards, Kitaros music will be on my MP3 player for a long time to come.  Downloads are available on his personal website



An Enchanted Evening


Shame on me for discovering Kitaro's music just now. His music can be use as good soundtrack. I agree with what you said about the combination of sounds and styles. Kitaro indeed is a very intelligent artist. Count me in as a fan from now on.
I like all music .. Kitaro probably could add my music knowledge
I really enjoy Kitaro music, especially when meditating, I find his music very peaceful and relaxing. One of my favourite songs is The Silk Road, I absolute love the violin solo at the beginning of the track.

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