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The incredible music of Hiromi

I am always surprised when I “discover” a new, at least to me, musical artist whose talent is so great and whose music is so amazing that they beg to have the word genius attached to their work, yet I have been completely unaware of their music until that point. I suppose it should not be so shocking given the time I have available to devote to searching out great music and the vast number of artists out there in the world working in a wide range of genre’s that I have interest in. But with very little effort, I consistently find new and shockingly great artists to check out. I believe this to be a very positive result of the increasing interconnectedness of the world. I also believe that these discoveries have been helped along and often facilitated by the KPL music collection's fantastic breadth and depth. Listening to Michigan Radio on Sunday evening I had such an experience when I first heard the music of Japanese jazz composer and pianist Hiromi Uehara. Not only a virtuosic technical player, Hiromi’s passionate and genre bending style is truly unique as witnessed in the video below. 


Beyond Standard