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I cannot get the first track of Adele’s new album 21 out of my head.  “Rolling in the Deep” is soulful and catchy, and one of those songs you want to sing along to while driving in the car.  Adele is a British singer, who at age 22 has already made huge waves in the pop charts—it’s no wonder, her voice is amazing.  The album as a whole is a little uneven; it starts out strong but loses energy in the middle due to a few slow, uninspired ballads right in a row.  The end of the album picks up a bit with a unique take on the Cure’s “Lovesong.”  All in all, it’s definitely worth a listen.




I loved her new album and enjoy her music in general, but I totally agree with your assessment of it. The first few tracks such as the one you mentioned, "Rolling in the Deep", "Turning Tables" and Don't You Remember", but after that it suffers a significant drop off. I also love the Cure, so Lovesong was interesting, but I still prefer the original version. Great post for recognizing her talent.
I will attention here!

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