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Night of Hunters

For her latest album, Night of HuntersTori Amos delved into the world of classical music to find inspiration.  There are no guitars or drums here and no radio-friendly singles; the piano is paired with strings and woodwinds to create a whole-album experience where one song flows into the next.  It is to me, in a word, beautiful.   Night of Hunters is highly conceptualized; it uses the story of a dissolving relationship to discuss themes of creation and destruction, the hunter and the hunted, within everyone.  The lyrics are full of natural imagery and references to Celtic mythology, both of which fit very well with the classically-inspired music.  It may not be for the casual listener, but for anyone interested in spending some time with Night of Hunters, I believe there is a lot to find here.  

I’m completely biased when it comes to Tori Amos.  I’ve been a fan of hers since I was twelve, and I’ve continued to be a fan even though her last few albums have felt bloated and a bit self-indulgent to me.  But Night of Hunters showcases some of her best piano compositions and vocal work in years, and I recommend it to anyone willing to give it a try.


Night of Hunters

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