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One of the Year's Best Rock Records

The sound of San Francisco band Girls is one both familiar and refreshingly new. It’s one of those records that harkens back to older influences (Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello, Spiritualized, British Invasion era Pop) while retaining a bright and contemporary energy that comes through these well written songs. There are plenty of beautiful ballads full of melodic tunefulness sutured together with a variety of instrumentation (flutes, acoustic guitar, keyboards, back up singers), not to mention the occasional, soaring guitar solo. But there are also a few up-tempo, catchy pop songs to contrast with the more contemplative numbers. This record will definitely be on my best of the year list.


Father, son, holy ghost


I agree with you that the Band girls are really doing a fantastic job by infusing old music with new style of rock.
I have not heard of the band Girls but if they can combine sounding like some of those classic artists while putting their own new contemporary spin sign me up.
This is a great thing to bridge the old with the new. More so when we can keep the love of playing instruments in schools and in our hearts. We can also be a spark for those who really want to take up playing. Girls and Guys.

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