Kalamazoo Public Library Adds Zinio to its E-library Collection

Apr 8/, 2013 04:29:21 PM


Kalamazoo, MI –

The Kalamazoo Public Library is pleased to announce its latest addition to its e-library – Zinio. Zinio is the world’s largest digital newsstand and enables users to subscribe to and read thousands of magazines online or offline on the most commonly used digital devices. Zinio is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire/Fire HD, Windows 8, and Blackberry Playbook.

Digital magazine subscriptions cost the same as the print edition and multiple subscriptions can cost hundreds of dollars per year. Now Kalamazoo Public Library users have access to 75 popular titles for FREE with the addition of Zinio to its e-library collection on April 1. Available titles include: Businessweek, Cosmopolitan, Elle, ESPN, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and many more!

Zinio is now available for free for KPL Resident Area borrowers only. Signing up is simple:

  1. Visit kpl.gov and click on Download from the menu bar
  2. Scroll down and click on Zinio to download the appropriate app for your mobile device, PC or Mac
  3. Sign up by entering your KPL Resident Area library card number and follow online instructions
  4. Follow instructions to create an account with Zinio
  5. Begin browsing!

KPL patrons can select the titles they are interested in and will be notified by email when new issues are available.

The addition of Zinio is not only consistent with its strategic goal of keeping on the forefront of the latest digital technology but also enables KPL to be more green by eliminating print subscriptions. KPL is very proud to include Zinio in its e-library which also includes the following online digital offerings:

  • *eBooks: A faster, more intuitive way to connect to books
  • *Freegal Music: free & legal access to millions of songs
  • *Rocket Languages: Learn a language at your own pace, in your own time
  • Databases: access unique information and content often not available elsewhere online including these popular links:
    Learning Express Library: practice tests, exercises and skill building courses for school, work and life.
    Ancestry Library: trace your family tree for free (in library use only)
    Job & Career Accelerator: the industry’s most comprehensive, online job search system that puts job seekers on the Fast Track to getting hired

*Available to KPL Resident Area borrowers only.

To access KPL’s e-library, visit kpl.gov and click Download from the menu bar.

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