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Jun 17, 2011 03:53:00 PM


Kalamazoo, MI –

Do you ever visit the library looking for a good book to read, music to listen to, or movie to watch?

Please check out these web pages designed to help readerslisteners, and viewers then answer one or more of three brief surveys. Your answers will help us better meet patrons’ needs through the website.

Help us-100The surveys will be available through July 10. Those who wish to enter thank-you prize drawings will be asked to provide contact information. Prize winners will be contacted the following week.

Thanks for your help!

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It would be helpful if I could access my account from with a search on the home page instead of having to go to the catalog page. I don't get on often and sometimes don't remember how to access my account and have to search around. Maybe you could make this a search on your home page? Thanks
I agree with Laura! Getting to my account takes FOUR clicks, when it should only take one, and from the Home page. This website is NOT user friendly.
I agree with Laura. Would be great to access account from hompage instead of going through the catalog.
Hi Laura, There's a link to My Account at the top middle of every KPL page, right above the Search Catalog search box. You'll find a full description of My Account options on that KPL website page. Or, another suggestion. Use the following URL to reach the My Account login page then add that page to your bookmarks or favorites: Please write back if you have problems:
when i place a hold i always change the place of pick up from central to oshtemo it would be nice if i could set it to go automaticly to oshtemo
I would love if the library could keep track of the books you've checked out. It would be really cool to see all of the books I've read throughout the years!
I think your new stuff should be on a list on your home page or under your categories on your home page or have seperate page of new stuff that comes in for that month
I would like to be able to pay library fines online.
I would like to stay logged in until I log out. I log in on the Catalog page, yet once I leave to look at the movies page I will have to re-log in to place a hold. - Incidently, MelCat picks up my log in from KPL and keeps it active for my entire session, until I leave. Hooray for MelCat and KPL. I wish the My Account button above the search field on each page took you to the catalog log in page, rather than the info about my account page. It is still 4 clicks to get to my account - Laura's concern is still unsolved. I really like the online hold process and automatic notification. Good Job KPL.
At the top it says "My Account". Why can't you get to your account directly through there, instead of going through "catalog"? I understand the need to educate, but it seems like there could be a short cut somehow to get to the account that way.
I know you're seeing this comment a lot, but it would be much more efficient to allow people to log in to their account on the homepage – or better yet, to have persistent log in fields available on every single page of your site. The current log in process (forcing people to go to the "Catalog" landing page) feels very convoluted and is hard to find.
I would like to '2nd' three of the comments so far: to stay logged in til i log out [with an extended 'idle' auto signout of course incl], to pay library fines online, i too would love to keep track of books i have checked out in the past. And too~to praise the super-site you/we do have! All the info on the opening page of 'happenings', blogs by staff, on a book's page--search of other books by author, and nearby books on shelf, 'new items', my account, easy access to MelCat--it would be helpful to be able to see same 'my account' listings of MelCat too. Praises + Thanks for our 'online library'!!