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Sudan: Land of Blood at Powell

Come and visit the Alma Powell Branch and view our newest art acquisition Sudan: land of blood. During our June Art Hop we greatly appreciated the Sudan: Land of Blood along with many other extraordinary paintings in Fred Zemlick’s exhibition. At the closing of his June and July showing Fred Zemlick honored our branch by presenting this gift of art to the library.

We are hoping that many people from the Powell community will stop in and tell us what the Sudan: land of blood says to them. What is its message? What does it symbolize?

The Powell Branch would like to thank Fred Zemlick for showing his work in our Barnabee Gallery and giving us this valued piece of art for our branch. Fred’s next showing will be at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Portage. And in October he will be at the new Midtown Gallery on the Mall.


Sudan: Land of Blood

Finding Love in a Leisure Seeker

Michael Zadoorian grew up in a suburb of the Motor City, so it makes sense that the characters in his new novel The Leisure Seeker travel on a classic American road, Route 66. This novel is easily one of the best love stories I have read in years. John and Ella are taking one last trip in their “recreational sarcophagus” before their serious medical conditions overtake them. John has Alzheimer’s and Ella is riddled with cancer, but that does not stop them from going to pay homage to the “Mouse” in Anaheim.

On July 22nd, Zadoorian visited KPL to provide the background to this hilarious and touching novel. It gave all who attended insight on how true love can survive sickness, roadside diners, and lack of air-conditioning in Texas.


The Leisure Seeker
Kevin King

Are there chickens in your future?

A crowed of some 93 would-be chicken owners flocked to the library on August 3 to learn about the care and feeding of urban hens, and the laws and ordinances governing such practices.

The guest stars — five hens of various breeds — were charming and tolerant.
Co-sponsored by Fair Food Matters, the program featured Lori Evesque who shared her experiences in raising chickens from downy chicks to egg-laying adulthood.

Not all communities are chicken-friendly, said attorney Suzanne Klein who explained that statutes and ordinances vary according to where you live. Curious whether your community allows chickens in the yard? Pay a visit to KPL’s Law Library.

If you’d like to read more about raising chickens, here are two selections to check out:
Keeping Chickens: The Essential Guide to Enjoying and Getting the Best from Chickens by J.C. Jeremy Hobson and  How to Raise Chickens: Everything You Need to Know by Christine Heinrichs.


Fair Food Matters

In the “Listening Room” with Duval and Two-Track Mind

In some libraries across the country you will still find what is commonly known as a “Listening Room.” These rooms were usually equipped with technology to play the music in the library’s collection. On July 15th the Van Deusen Room turned into a huge “Listening Room,” but instead of listening to something on LP or CD patrons were treated to the sweet sounds of Mark Duval and Two-Track Mind. The super intimate setting allowed concert-goers the chance to absorb the touching and powerful lyrics of Kalamazoo singer-songwriter Duval. The band comprised of Traci Seuss (vocals, guitar), Bill Caskey (bass), and Cori Summers (violin) were tight and entrancing. How often do you get to experience an amazing live show in such a great atmosphere?


Mark Duval, Two-Track Mind
http://www.catalog.kpl.gov/uhtbin/cgisirsi/x/0/0/5?searchdata1=Two-Track Mind%7BTI%7D+AND+Mark Duval%7BAU%7D
Kevin King