See Weird Michigan at KPL

Oct 3/, 2008 12:07:09 PM


Kalamazoo, MI –

Linda Godfrey, author of Weird Michigan, will visit Kalamazoo Public Library on Sunday, November 2, at 2:00 pm, to show her slide tour of Michigan strangeness. Her books will be available for sale and signing at the event.

Linda has canvassed the state of Michigan looking for the strange and offbeat, everything from outsider artists and giant roadside statues to local cemetery lore, eccentric people and history, to ghost stories, unidentified creatures and UFO’s. She put over 5,000 miles on her “weirdmobile” and found enough strangeness to fill both Weird Michigan, written for Barnes & Noble in 2006, and the just-released sequel, Strange Michigan: More Wolverine Weirdness, co-authored with Michiganian Lisa Shiel.


As an author and researcher of the strange and uncanny, Ms. Godfrey is especially well-known as an authority on the upright canine known in Wisconsin as the Beast of Bray Road, in Michigan as the Dog Man, and in other places as Skinwalker, Werewolf or a dozen other names. She appeared in, co-wrote and co-produced the History Channel’s Monsterquest episode, “American Werewolf,” based on her book Hunting the American Werewolf.

A former award-winning newspaper reporter and art teacher, Ms. Godfrey provides many illustrations for her own books. She co-hosts a weekly radio show on Uncanny Radio and has appeared on such national TV and radio shows as Inside Edition, Discover Kids, Travel Channel, Sci-Fi Channel’s New In Search Of, Coast to Coast AM radio, and many more. The Independent Publishers awarded Ms Godfrey’s Strange Wisconsin: More Badger State Weirdness a 2008 bronze medal in the category Great Lakes – Best Regional Non-Fiction at the 12th Annual IPPY Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, May 2008.

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