KPL Wins State Librarian's Citation of Excellence Award

Nov 9/, 2012 10:14:07 AM


Kalamazoo, MI –

Kalamazoo Public Library has been awarded a Citation of Excellence for superior customer service from the state librarian. The award was presented at the Michigan Library Association (MLA) conference in Detroit on Wednesday, November 8th.

From the Michigan Department of Education news release:

“The State Librarian’s Excellence Award is sponsored by the Roger and June Mendel Fund of the Library of Michigan Foundation. Gifts from Martin L. Gibbs and Carole Sorensen and from Elaine M. Logan supported the citations of excellence.


Kalamazoo Public Library created a Customer Service Plan in 2007 and has sustained since then a Customer Service Committee that continues to define, measure, recognize, and reward excellence in customer service. The most recent revision of its service plan resulted in a Code of Service that outlines and defines the level of service it expects from its staff. In addition to this strong proactive focus on customer service, the library also forges strong collaborative relationships with community organizations, particularly its schools. In response to the Kalamazoo Promise, the library used creative thinking and service attitude to provide library cards to 1,000 first-grade students. This helps contributes to the Governor’s goal to have Michigan students reading at grade level by the end of third grade. Even though it is operating at a significantly decreased number of staff than three years ago, the library continues to meet its mission to create a community where people aspire to learn, engage and thrive.

Director Ann Rorbaugh said, ‘We are honored to be recognized. Customer service at KPL has many dimensions … one-on-one desk type interactions; partnering with other local agencies especially the Kalamazoo Public Schools; and the materials, programs, and services we offer to all ages. The state recognition is very affirming to our staff and board.’”

Michigan Department of Education news release, 8 November 2012

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Congratulations, KPL! So glad so many of you could be at the awards celebration. Nancy Robertson, State Librarian.
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A well deserved commendation! KPL's staff continues to provide imaginative programming, excellent book and media selections, and superlative customer service. Thank you - and congratulations!