11 Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival

Feb 21, 2014 03:20:43 PM


Kalamazoo, MI –

Kalamazoo Public Library is excited to unveil the finalists for the 11th Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival at the State Theatre on Sunday, February 23 at the State Theatre (404 S. Burdick St., 49007.)

Come see Michigan’s talented teen directors (aged 12-19) as they make their big screen debut! There will be drama, action, comedy and more! Nearly 100 films were submitted to the Kalamazoo Public Library for consideration. 24 films, varying within 2-10 minutes each will be shown to the public and juried for the following Award Categories: 


  • Grand Prize for Best Film (will win a $1,000 B&H Photo Gift Card)
  • Best Animation (will win a $50 Best Buy Gift Card)
  • Best Experimental Film (will win a $50 Best Buy Gift Card)
  • Best Music Video (will win a $50 Best Buy Gift Card)
  • Best Short Film (will win a $50 Best Buy Gift Card)
  • Best Technical Merit (will win a $50 Best Buy Gift Card)
  • Best Cinematic Merit (will win a $50 Best Buy Gift Card)
  • Judge’s Choice (will win a $250 B&H Photo Gift Card)
  • People’s Choice (will win a $50 Best Buy Gift Card)


The following films will be shown at the festival:


  1. Gull Lake Winter2013 by Jake Lamons
  2. The Home of Magic by Nathan Ginter
  3. Title Here by Madelyn Momano
  4. Spun by Cassie Ward, Hunter Thomas, Emily Suzor, and Maureen Reed
  5. Proper Pets by Alec Elzinga
  6. The Robbery by Ryan Bare
  7. Interview with a Serial Killer by Kyle Misak
  8. Fireworks by Alexi Mitchell
  9. Love is Garbage by Kaitlyn Ludeker
  10. A Chronicle of Western Swordsmanship by Austin Patrie
  11. Seabiscuit by Claire Abdo
  12. Home Alone by Betsy Eaton
  13. Far Beyond the Reservoir by Jonathan D'Ambrosio
  14. A Tale of Two Sisters by Remearis Brown
  15. Macho Banana by Stephen Hull
  16. Mutts of Motown by Emily Livermore
  17. Out of the Frying Pan by Luke Spangler
  18. Move Along Music Video by Regan Tyre
  19. The Worst Christmas by Nathan Ginter
  20. Running by Cameron Sleeper
  21. Almond Eyes by Samuel Peters, Jake Lamons
  22. Wake Me Up by Hannah Grabowski
  23. Eros and Psyche by Haley Labian
  24. The Butterfly Effect by Yazmine Vargas


Presented by Master of Ceremonies Kevin Park, the President of Campaign Pictures and writer/director/producer of Love Cancer and Shaken Daddy Syndrome; the films will be juried by the following judges:

James Sanford: Creative Manager at Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo, in charge of specialty film booking, promotions and marketing
Bannon Backhus: Writer, director and producer of Abduction Day, an independent film combining elements of science-fiction, horror and comedy that was completed in 2013
James Watkins: James W. Watkins: Painter/Illustrator and board member of the Kalamazoo Film Society

Award winners will be announced at www.kpl.gov/teenfilmfest.

Tickets are free and will be available at the State Theatre on February 23 (the day of the festival.) For more information visit www.kpl.gov/teenfilmfest or call the State Theatre at 345-6500.

Kalamazoo’s Public Media Network will cover the Teen Filmmaker Festival. PMN will broadcast entries chosen for the festival, awards presentations, and interviews with the winners. Check www.publicmedianet.org for broadcast dates and times. DVDs of festival coverage and interviews will be presented to award winners and available for purchase. 

The Teen Filmmaker Festival is cosponsored by Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Public Media Network, the Kalamazoo State Theatre,  Campaign Pictures and Alamo Draft House.  

Special thanks to the Kalamazoo State Theatre for hosting the 11th Annual Filmmaker Festival.

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