Celebrate Fathers at Kalamazoo Public Library

Jun 16, 2016 04:01:29 PM


Kalamazoo, MI –

When you think of father/child bonding moments, what comes to mind? The media often portrays fathers bonding with their sons by playing a sport with them. Fathers are also commonly shown having a tea party with their daughters. While both of these are great ways to bond, and certainly cute, there is one bonding opportunity that is underrated but has by far the most positive impact on your child’s life – reading.

Reading to your children and reading in front of your children develop a lifelong love of reading for children and has been proven to contribute to brain development and higher success in academia. Not to mention the opportunity to cuddle!

That is why Kalamazoo Public Library is celebrating fathers who read to their children with a Father’s Day Read-In on Saturday, June 18, 2 pm at Central Library. Join us in this 2-hour read-in event by sharing and listening to stories. Children will also be able to create special Father’s Day cards to give to their loved ones. All ages are welcome! No registration is required.

Happy Father’s Day!


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