Remodeling Project Starts at Central

Oct 2/, 2009 10:15:43 AM


Kalamazoo, MI –

Big changes to the Central Library’s first floor area start Monday, October 5—changes that will allow KPL to utilize funds better. Demolition starts with the laying of tile in a previously carpeted area in front of the curving staircase to the second floor. The work will culminate with the remodeling of Central’s checkout desk.

A generous anonymous bequest allowed KPL to install a modern inventory system using Radio Frequency Identification from 3M Library Systems—the same system installed by Kent District Library, KPL’s northern neighbor. Read about KDL’s success in enhancing customer service. With RFID, patrons can quickly and easily check out their own items. RFID means convenience, speed, and self-sufficiency for patrons.

RFID also means fewer staff will be needed at the checkout desk. Instead, they’ll be freed to more quickly check in materials and put them back on the shelves for patrons to borrow. This change will help KPL manage its evergrowing circulation. Last year, KPL loaned 29% more DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, and 9% more books—a total increase of 14% more than last year, to almost a million items.

KPL will create three new, smaller checkout stations in a new location during this process. These stations will allow patrons to quickly and easily check out their own items. The old checkout desk will be replaced with two streamlined staffed stations plus an open shelving area for patrons to pick up their own holds. A computer will be installed in the check out area to allow patrons to apply for a library card online.

A new website page features the new floor plan, an architectural drawing of the area, and a renovation blog to keep patrons informed as the work progresses throughout the fall.


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