Your Story: Reed Family

 “People rely more than ever on KPL...”


The Reed family—Michael, Marla, and daughters Rachel (who is 13 and a student at Maple Magnet School for the Arts) and Maureen (age 10 and a student at Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary School)—is very impressed by KPL's growing video selection, which the family uses frequently. We’ve noticed that Hot Picks are greatly increased in number, e.g., several copies of each DVD. We have discovered many hitherto unknown great films (e.g., your Criterion Collection and others).

We have now come to the point where we rely on getting videos 95% of the time from KPL, not from Hollywood or Blockbuster (don't let them know about that!). We also appreciate your new “honors” policy whereby a patron will be allowed to check out DVDs even if returned videos have not yet showed up in the system (we are aware there can be a lapse of hours between the time when we return materials and the time when they are recorded as checked in).

We like the way we can place “holds” on books and DVDs. This way, items that we are interested in—regardless of where in the system they are housed—show up at the main library where we can check them out at our convenience.

Just recently, daughter Maureen has made use of KPL’s selection of Global Reading Challenge books that she read for the recent competition at her school (unfortunately, her 4th grade team got 105 points but lost to a 5th grade team that got a perfect score and 115 points!).

With these awful economic times, people rely more than ever on KPL, and you are making it worth their while. It's about time Americans gave up the fancy, expensive consumer goods and returned to the good old public library. Andrew Carnegie would be proud. KPL provides our family with enormous enjoyment and education—and it doesn’t cost us anything.