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Endowment Spending Policy


The purpose of fund development for the Kalamazoo Public Library (KPL) is to secure funds for programs and services, including materials, personnel, and building enhancements that support the strategic priorities and core values that enhance or are not able to be provided for in the regular tax-supported operations budget.

Fund development encourages gifts to KPL and may include gift envelopes, an explanatory brochure, articles in the newsletter, periodic mailings of material, information on the website, personal contacts with individuals and groups, and public acknowledgment of gifts. 

Fund development encompasses seeking grants from appropriate foundations, governmental agencies, organizations, and corporations.


Fund development seeks to make supporters aware of the means, benefits, and rewards of giving to KPL, including the opportunity to provide for or assure special programs, resources acquisition, or personnel in the future. 

Fund development seeks to identify those who have the interest and resources to make significant contributions to KPL and to provide them with planned giving opportunities. 

Fund development seeks to provide a wide variety of giving methods to meet the needs of potential donors, enabling KPL to receive gifts that benefit both donors and KPL. 

Fund development seeks to provide opportunities for appropriate expressions of appreciation to donors.


Fund development includes both the passive provision for and active solicitation of gifts from supporters of KPL. 

Fund development activities which KPL may undertake to meet specific material, resources or programming needs may include grant seeking, annual fund, capital campaign, major and planned gifts. 

KPL will, as deemed necessary or appropriate, use the expertise of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation to facilitate accepting and managing major and planned gifts for a designated endowment fund for KPL at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.

Gifts which KPL is prepared to accept may include: charitable remainder or lead trusts; pooled income funds; revocable trusts; gifts of annuities, remainder interest, retirement programs or life insurance; charitable bequests; and gifts in kind, such as real estate, securities, and tangible personal property.

Ethical Guidelines

KPL fund development efforts constitute a service of information and education regarding giving opportunities to KPL. This information is available to any supporter or interested person. KPL may provide information on the legal and tax implications of charitable giving, but does not provide a legal or tax advisory service. Donors and prospective donors are encouraged to seek out their own legal counsel and other advisers.

All information regarding donors and prospective donors will be kept confidential by KPL and its personnel. No public announcement of a gift shall be released without prior permission from the donor or the donor's agent. With permission, donor names will be added to the “wall of honor” on the library’s website.

It is the policy of KPL to avoid using any type of pressure techniques when dealing with gift prospects and donors. The function of KPL personnel is to inform, serve, guide, or otherwise assist the donor in fulfilling his or her philanthropic wishes, but never to pressure or unduly persuade. All personnel employed by KPL to administer or promote fund development are paid a salary or hourly wage and do not receive any type of commission.

KPL shall respect the expressed interests of the donor in funding programming or purchasing materials or equipment from gifts or memorials.

The Board of Trustees of KPL reserves the right to refuse any gift or grant which is not in the best interests of KPL or does not enhance or further the defined mission of KPL.

Use of Legal Counsel

It is the policy of KPL to seek the advice of legal counsel in matters pertaining to fund development, and not to execute any agreement, contract, trust or any other legal document with any donor without the advice of legal counsel.

All prospective donors are advised to seek the counsel of their own attorney, and any other advisers.

Any fees involved are paid by the respective parties to their own legal counsel or other advisors.

Director or Officer Approval

Gifts of cash or securities which do not require KPL to take any positive action directed by the donor, and do not carry with them any liability, do not require approval, and may be accepted by any employee of KPL so long as promptly deposited with KPL's Business Office.

Gifts of any other kind or nature, such as gifts of real estate or gifts of tangible personal property, gifts which do require KPL to take positive action directed by the donor, or gifts which carry with them any liability which KPL must undertake as a condition of the gift, such as a planned gift requiring payments of principal or interest to the donor or a party designated by the donor, must be approved by an officer or officers designated by the Board of Trustees.

Such approval may take the form of such officer or officers signing the gift agreement, if one is necessary, or in some other reasonable manner approving the receipt of the gift and the undertaking by KPL of the liability.

The Committee

The Board of Trustees of KPL may appoint a Fund Development Committee to specifically promote and support the work of fund development.

The Fund Development Committee assists KPL staff responsible for fund development by recommending policy to the KPL Board of Trustees and in other ways encouraging gifts and grants to KPL.

The Fund Development Committee may consist of, but is not limited to, representation from some or all of the following groups: the KPL Board of Trustees, KPL administrators, KPL staff, members of the Friends of KPL, retired members of the KPL Board of Trustees, and interested persons from the community at large. Members of the committee shall serve at the pleasure of the KPL Board of Trustees.

The Fund Development Committee size and terms of service are not specified at this time, but may be at a later date.

The Fund Development Committee meets from time to time, under the direction of, and reports to the KPL Board of Trustees through the Director.

  • Policy adopted November 25, 1996
  • Policy effective November 25, 1996
  • Policy revised May 22, 2017