NOTE: The Lovell Street entrance to the Central Library parking lot will be closed periodically due to construction. The Rose Street (west) entrance will remain open.

Fee-Based Service Policy

Policy #020

  • Adopted: September 22, 1997
  • Effective: September 22, 1997

The Kalamazoo Public Library is committed to the provision of public library lending services without direct charges to individuals and groups who reside within the Kalamazoo Public Library district, own property within the library’s taxing area, or who are served by libraries that maintain a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Kalamazoo Public Library. Nonresident charges may be levied for borrowing privileges to individuals who live outside of these areas.

Basic library services* will not be subject to fees or other user charges. The Library may from time to time impose fines, and levels of resident and non resident fees for use of Library equipment (e.g. copy machines, telefacsimile equipment, computer printouts). Charges may be levied for the repair or replacement of lost or damaged materials. Access fees imposed will be designed to provide discounts to resident cardholders where possible.

*For the purposes of this policy, the term “basic” refers to any material owned or circulated by Kalamazoo Public Library.