Social Networking Policy for KPL Patrons

Policy #035

  • Approved: May 23, 2011
  • Effective: May 23, 2011

The Kalamazoo Public Library (KPL) recognizes the value of social networking and seeks a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with our patrons online through blogs, community reviews, patron comments and external social networking tools. Library social networking tools provide a public forum to facilitate the sharing of ideas, opinions and information about Library-related subjects and issues. Patrons are encouraged to share their opinions about Library-related subjects, resources, and programs.

Terms of Use

The Kalamazoo Public Library maintains an online presence including (but not limited to) KPL blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and other sites. The Kalamazoo Public Library external social networking pages may be linked to other such pages which are neither created nor maintained by the Kalamazoo Public Library. The Kalamazoo Public Library invites participation from everyone; however, the Library reserves the right to remove users from its contacts on various social networking sites.

The Library is not responsible for the content on external pages. The Library does not endorse any information, opinions, services, graphics or advertisements available for viewing on external social networking sites. The Library will not be responsible or liable for any content posted to its site by non-KPL staff.

Rules for commenting

All comments are reviewed prior to being published. Please post responsibly. Protect your privacy and do not post personally identifying information. Young people under age 18, especially, should not post information such as last name, school, age, phone number, address.

Comments are moderated by Library staff and the Library reserves the right to remove comments made to Library blogs or social networking pages. Posts containing the following are against Library rules and will be deleted before posting or removed by Library staff upon discovery:

  • Copyright violations
  • Comments substantially off-topic or unrelated to the post
  • Commercial material or spam
  • Duplicate posts from the same individual
  • Obscene or racist posts
  • Specific and imminent threats
  • Defamatory or libelous comments

Online Book Review Policy

Kalamazoo Public Library encourages our patrons to post reviews of materials using the tools available in our online catalog. Library staff moderate reviews posted to the catalog using the above rules as guidelines. The Library reserves the right to edit or remove reviews. Because the current software aggregates reviews submitted through library catalogs across the country, only reviews posted through the Kalamazoo Public Library catalog are able to be moderated by KPL staff. In addition, the Library is not responsible for reviews posted by other libraries.

By choosing to comment you agree to these policies.