Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Color of Family

was inspiring

I am responding to your series of articles, The Color of Family, during the week of March 6. I was interested to learn of the growing number of interracial relationships through the past 10 years. Being a high school student, my life is still plagued by discrimination and harassment and many of our students are sheltered from change or variation of lifestyles.

Not one person can say that they have never judged someone else about race, sexual preference, gender or religion. Our world is surrounded with a false expectation of perfection and our media only adds to this. It is refreshing to know that through the past 10 years, many of these common stereotypes of "what is normal" have been abolished.

Your stories of couples and families who must deal with the hardships of being different are inspiring, particularly the story of Jim and Marianne Houston. Their love for each other was so great that together they were brave enough to confront their reality. I applaud people like this, who know that love isn't just skin deep and that you cannot hide your love for someone under your need to feel normal.

Our idea of normality is no longer what it used to be. Society is finally beginning to step outside of its narrow mind and into the real world. I find it wonderful that we are opening the doors to the idea that times are indeed changing for the better.

Alexa Plew


Portage Central High School

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