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The Book 'Things They Carried.'
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For Younger Readers

Lost in the War 

Antle, Nancy
In eighth grade in the 1980s, Lisa Grey, whose mother nursed wounded soldiers and whose father was killed in Vietnam, gains a fuller understanding of her parents’ experiences through research for a school assignment. Ages 11 and up

Always to Remember: The Story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial  

Ashabranner, Brent, photographs by Jennifer Ashabranner Take a tour of this powerful and important monument in Washington D. C. and meet the man who worked tirelessly to have it created and the woman who designed it. Ages 10 and up 

The Wall  

Bunting, Eve, illustrated by Ronald Himler 
Pay a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with a boy and his father who go to remember and pay tribute to a beloved family member. Ages 7-10

Voices From Vietnam

Denenberg, Barry  
This is an amazing chronological collection of first person accounts of what it was like to fight in America's longest war. Ages 12 and up 

The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam

Huynh, Quang Nhuong
Stories of the author’s childhood in a hamlet in the central highlands of Vietnam. Ages 9-12

The Century for Young People

Jennings, Peter and Todd Brewster  
The war in Vietnam was a major event of the Twentieth Century and, with strong photographs and powerful words, this book examines its place in our history. 
Ages 9-13 

Fallen Angels

Myers, Walter Dean
Richie Perry left a tough life in the inner city for the Army and fought even more horrific battles in Vietnam. 
Ages 14 and up 

Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam  

Myers, Walter Dean,  illustrated by Ann Grifalconi 
This book takes the reader right inside the heart-pounding emotions of a soldier who sees with his own eyes that his enemy is only another young man. Ages 10 and up 

Almost Forever  

Testa, Maria   
Live the year 1968 through the lyrical, painful, and hopeful expressions of a family whose father is in Vietnam trying to save lives. Ages 9-12 

Going Home, Coming Home

Truong, Tran  
In this intimate bilingual tale bridging two cultures and written by two natives of Vietnam who now live in California, American-born Ami Chi visits Vietnam with her parents. Ages 6 and up 

The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty, United States Marine Corps

White, Ellen Emerson 
Instead of college, 18-year-old Patrick chooses to join the Marines, and this imaginary journal follows him from home to basic training to the misery of war in Vietnam. Ages 11-15  

The Road Home 

White, Ellen Emerson
An Army nurse wrestles with despair about the war, guilt and responsibility. Inextricable from this novel’s anti-war theme is its fierce loyalty to the people who served in Vietnam. Ages 14 and up

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: The Diary of Molly McKenzie Flaherty  

White, Ellen Emerson 
Patrick's younger sister is home in Boston and trying to come to terms with what the war means as she records her thoughts about the world in her diary. Ages 11-15

All Those Secrets of the World  

Yolan, Jane 
A bittersweet memory from an important period in the author's childhood: the two years during which her father was away at war. Ages 4-8 

Special thanks to Sue Warner, Kalamazoo Public Library, Genanne Zeller, and the Chicago Public Library.
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