Reading Together, A community-wide book club for Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The Book 'Things They Carried.'
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Audio and transcribed interviews with Tim O'Brien, plus some of O'Brien's university lectures.

Author Tim O'Brien visits Kalamazoo
WMUK Local, March 20, 2006 
The Things They Carried is the book selected for this year's Reading Together program in Kalamazoo. Author Tim O'Brien's book weaves together several stories of one company of soldiers in Vietnam. O'Brien was in Kalamazoo this week for a series of events. WMUK's Gordon Evans talked with Tim O'Brien, who was at the studios of station KUT in Austin, Texas. (Audio interview)

How War Changes the Warrior
NPR Talk of the Nation, November 11, 2004
Soldiers returning from combat often describe themselves as changed, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. This Veterans Day, those who have been in battle tell how it altered their lives.

Tim O'Brien
Kacey Kowars Show, September 13, 2004
This week's interview is with Tim O'Brien, one of our generation's finest novelists. Mr. O'Brien is the preeminent chronicler of the Vietnam War. This interview was recorded in July, 2004 at the Sewanee Writer's Conference.

Tim O'Brien discusses "The Things They Carried", Tuesday, November 11, 2003
From Go Read, Richmond, VA's 2003 community reading program.

Remembering War
NPR Talk of the Nation, May 26, 2003
The experience of war can hardly be forgotten, but the way soldiers remember it can change over time. On Memorial Day, host Neal Conan and guests discuss war memories.

The Things He Carries
Kennedy School Bulletin, Spring, 2003
When author Tim O'Brien reminisces about his years at Harvard in the doctoral program in political science, which meant spending much of his time in Kennedy School classes, his memories are rosier than those of most former students. Living and studying in Cambridge, he recalls, “was like waking from a nightmare and finding yourself not just in comfort, but where you’d always dreamed of being. It was a little surreal in that sense.” The nightmare was O’Brien’s one-year tour of duty as an infantryman in Vietnam, yet few of O’Brien’s fellow students and professors at the Kennedy School knew that he had returned from the war just a few months earlier, much less that he’d received the Purple Heart for shrapnel injuries. “I’d wake up every morning thinking, ‘My God, I’m at Harvard. I’m not in the jungle,’” he says.

Tim O'Brien talks with Robert Birnbaum, November 5, 2002

'July July'
NPR All Things Considered, October 3, 2002
Jacki Lyden speaks with novelist Tim O'Brien.

The Things That Writers Carry
Davidson College News & Events, February 8, 2001
Award-winning novelist Tim O'Brien read from his latest novel and shared some of his experiences as a writer and a Vietnam veteran during a recent visit to Davidson College. (Includes text excerpts from O'Brien's talk.)

Writing Vietnam
Brown University, Keynote Address, April 21, 1999
O'Brien addresses issues of truth and fiction and the writer's craft. His comments include anecdotes from his short stories "On the Rainy River" and "Ambush." In both cases, he follows his retelling with some explanatory remarks. There is a transcript of the speech available here, which links to RealAudio recordings of the event.

The Heart Under Stress
Gadfly magazine, March 10, 1999
Interview with author Tim O'Brien by James Lindbloom

NPR Weekend Edition - Sunday, October 11, 1998
Liane is joined by author Tim O'Brien to discuss his (then) latest novel, "Tomcat in Love" (pub: Broadway Books).

In the Name of Love: An Interview with Tim O'Brien
Mars Hill Review, 1996

A Conversation With Tim O'Brien
Artful Dodge, October 2, 1991

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