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About Reading Together

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What if the entire community read the same book at the same time? To find out, join people of all ages, from all walks of life, in reading Barbara Kingsolver's second novel, Animal Dreams.

Kingsolver's novel explores the complex, interconnected web of human life and relationships, and how this web is shaped by time, memory, and culture. It takes place in a small town in Arizona, where Hispanic and Native American culture are deeply woven into the fabric of life. Kingsolver's central question is why do some people engage with the world and its problems, while others turn their backs on it?

Kalamazoo Public Library leads Reading Together with the collaboration of libraries, educational institutions, health and social service agencies, cultural, civic and religious organizations, businesses, the media, and local governments throughout Kalamazoo County.

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation helped the library launch Reading Together in 2003 with funding from their “Better Together” initiative. Nearly 10,000 county residents participated in 2007. Books are available at all area libraries and bookstores.