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How to Participate

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1. Get the Book.

Visit your local library or bookstore or check our catalog.

2. Read.

Join your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or fellow students in reading Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver.

3. Use the Reader's Guide.

Pick up a copy at bookstores and libraries throughout Kalamazoo County. The guide features questions designed to help you explore the many themes of Animal Dreams.

4. Discuss.

Organize a book discussion with friends or neighbors, at school, work, home, place of worship, or even a favorite coffee shop, or join a discussion group at an area library.

5. Participate.

Attend Reading Together events. Past events have included films, art exhibits, concerts, author visits, and expert presentations, plus special programs for schools.

6. Watch.

Bookmark this site and visit often! Reading Together's website features resources to enhance your discussions of Animal Dreams, a growing list of partners, and the complete schedule of events.

Suggest a Book for next year 

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