Further Reading: History and Culture

Snow Falling on Cedars is rich in historical and cultural references. If you liked Snow Falling on Cedars and its themes and topics, here are other books and movies that you may want to delve into next.

I am an American : a True Story of Japanese Internment  by Jerry StanleyFarewell to Manzanar : a true story of Japanese American experience during and after the World War II internment  by Jeanne HoustonRemembering Manzanar : life in a Japanese relocation camp  by Michael CooperTaken captive : a Japanese POW's story  by Sh¯ohei ¯OokaWhispered silences : Japanese Americans and World War II  by Gary OkihiroWe were not the enemy : remembering the United States' Latin-American civilian internment program of World War II  by Heidi Donald
Color of the sea : a novel  by John HamamuraDear Miss Breed : true stories of Japanese American incarceration during World War II and a librarian who made a difference  by Joanne OppenheimA place where sunflowers grow = Sabaku ni saita himawari  by Amy Lee-TaiWeedflower by Cynthia KadohataImpounded : Dorothea Lange and the censored images of Japanese American internment  by Dorothea LangeJapan 1945 : a U.S. Marine's photographs from Ground Zero  by Joe O'Donnell
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet : a novel  by Jamie FordTallgrass by Sandra DallasLooking like the enemy : my story of imprisonment in Japanese-American internment camps  by Mary GruenewaldThin wood walls  by David PatneaudeFree to die for their country : the story of the Japanese American draft resisters in World War II  by Eric MullerBy order of the president : FDR and the internment of Japanese Americans  by Greg Robinson
Racism by Noël MerinoDred Scott's revenge : a legal history of race and freedom in America  by Andrew NapolitanoThe race card : how bluffing about bias makes race relations worse  by Richard FordRace and ethnicity  by Uma KukathasEncyclopedia of race and racism  by John MooreHow race survived US history : from settlement and slavery to the Obama phenomenon  by David Roediger

More Recommended Reading


The Cats of Mirikitani

Eighty-year-old Jimmy Mirikitani survived the trauma of WWII internment camps, Hiroshima, and homelessness by creating art. But when 9/11 threatens his life on the New York City streets and a local filmmaker brings him to her home, the two embark on a journey to confront Jimmy's painful past. An intimate exploration of the lingering wounds of war and the healing power of community and art.