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It Has to Be True

At one time or another, we’ve all heard stories so amazing they make us say, “It has to be true. You can’t make that up.”

Some events and situations simply exceed our imagination because they fall outside what we have come to consider everyday possibilities.

Strength in What Remains is such a story. It is a biography that, at times, reads with the breathless pace of an adventure novel. At other times, the book causes us to reflect, not only on the conditions of Deogratias’ life and the people encountered in his remarkable journey, but on how we might respond in similar situations.

And we have Tracy Kidder to thank for that. In the hands of another writer, this true story might not be as believable, or even as bearable to read. It might have been preachy or maudlin or sentimental. It’s none of those things. In Kidder’s hands, Deo’s story inspires us.

In the months since Strength in What Remains was selected for Reading Together’s 2011 season, our committee of volunteers has been crafting a schedule of events to complement the book.  Coming soon will be a complete list of discussions and programs taking place from February to May. Mark your calendar for March 10 – that’s when author Tracy Kidder will visit Kalamazoo.

In the meantime, pick up your copy at a bookstore or library. Tell us what you think about the book by completing an online survey.


Strength in What Remains