Deogratias “Deo” Niyizonkiza

Womens Refugee Commission 2010 Voices of Courage Honoree


“Deogratias ‘Deo’ Niyizonkiza, a refugee from the war-torn African country of Burundi, left his homeland in 1993 with little beyond the clothes on his back. When he arrived in New York City, he didn't know a soul there, nor did he speak English. But a series of charitable deeds by complete strangers helped Niyizonkiza transform himself from a homeless immigrant to an Ivy League student — and eventually set up a health clinic back home to help those he left behind.

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tracy Kidder recounts Niyizonkiza’s story in his new book, Strength in What Remains. As Kidder tells host Guy Raz, Niyizonkiza barely escaped the ethnic warfare back home in Burundi.”

Read the full NPR article about “Deo” Niyizonkiza, Tracy Kidder and Strength in What Remains.

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