Reading Together 2013 Blog

Join the Discussion

A couple people have recently asked how to find and participate in a discussion about The Submission. While we have a calendar of book discussions that are open to the public (and we add more as we learn about them), in actuality, any Reading Together event you may attend in the next 5 to 6 weeks will be an opportunity to discuss the book.

For instance, during Art Hop this Friday, March 1, you’re likely to hear from some local high school students about which themes of the book influenced their digital creations and/or theatrical readings. And of course, Kalamazoo Central High School’s auditorium will be filled on Tuesday, March 5 with people who have read the book and who want to hear directly from author Amy Waldman about what inspired and guided her as she wrote The Submission.

Please join us in welcoming Amy to Kalamazoo and in continuing this month-long book discussion. After all, that’s what Reading Together is all about!