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Amy Waldman in Kalamazoo

I hope you had a chance to hear Amy Waldman this week, either at her thought-provoking talk on Tuesday evening about writing The Submission, or perhaps at Kalamazoo College on Wednesday when she dug a little deeper into the topic of writing fiction versus writing as a journalist. Maybe you even had the opportunity to ask her questions during the live web chat she graciously agreed to do at MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette. Whether or not you were fortunate enough to hear her speak, I’m happy to report that Kalamazoo is the richer for having had Amy in our midst.

Her authenticity, her sense of humor, her vulnerability, and her honest approach to writing fiction and continually learning something new in the process, all affirm what the selection committee has always known to be true: that our community conversation about a specific book, the hallmark of Reading Together, can only be heightened by having the opportunity to meet the author and learn more about her motivation and life experiences. Amy Waldman is no exception.

Amy’s visit is the springboard for many more events coming up in the next month. Please keep the momentum going and join us!


Amy Waldman in Kalamazoo

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