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If you liked The Submission and its themes and topics, here are other books and films that you may want to delve into next.


Culture in action : a public art program of Sculpture Chicago by Mary Jane JacobArt in the Stations : the Detroit people mover by Irene WaltVisual shock : a history of art controversies in American culture by Michael  KammenChristo by Marina VaizeyChristo and Jeanne-Claude : on the way to The Gates, Central Park, New York City by Jonathan FinebergBanksy by  Banksy
The American encounter with Islam by Anjum MirAmerican Islam : the struggle for the soul of a religion by Paul  BarrettMuslims in America : a short history by Edward CurtisActs of faith : the story of an American Muslim, the struggle for the soul of a generation by Eboo PatelMoving the mountain : beyond ground zero to a new vision of Islam in America by Feisal Abdul RaufAmerican crescent : a Muslim cleric on the power of his faith, the struggle against prejudice, and the future of Islam and America by Hassan Qazwini
The influencing machine : Brooke Gladstone on the media by Brooke GladstoneIt's not news, it's fark : how mass media tries to pass crap off as news  by Drew CurtisWeapons of mass distortion : the coming meltdown of the liberal media by L. Brent BozellThe media equation : how people treat computers, televisions, and new media like real people and places by Byron Reeves
Art for all : public art by Laura HensleyArts and culture in the early Islamic world by Lizann  FlattThe man who walked between the towers  by Mordicai GersteinLook! look! look! at sculpture by Nancy WallaceIsh by Peter  ReynoldsThe Dot  by Peter   Reynolds
Ai Weiwei, never sorry WMD : weapons of mass deception Maya Lin : a strong clear vision Art:21, art in the twenty-first century. Season 6 Bill Moyers. The wisdom of faith with Huston Smith The gates