Library Value Calculator

How much would you pay out-of-pocket for library services?

  • Enter the number of times per month you or your family use each service.
  • Estimated retail value of each service will be calculated on the right.
  • Total value of your library use is shown at the bottom.
  • Tip: Tab between entries and do not use commas.

Use per Month

Library Services


Books Borrowed $0.00
Music CDs Borrowed $0.00
Songs Downloaded $0.00
Movies Borrowed or Streamed $0.00
Audiobooks Borrowed $0.00
eBooks Borrowed $0.00
Newspapers and Magazines Viewed $0.00
Meeting Room Use $0.00
MeLCat (Michigan Electronic Library Catalog) $0.00
Adult Programs Attended $0.00
Children's & Teens Programs Attended $0.00
Hours of Computer Use (i.e. Internet, MS Word, etc.) $0.00
Classes Attended (i.e. ONEplace workshops, etc.) $0.00
Use of Other Database Searching (like InfoTrac) $0.00
Reference Questions Asked $0.00
VHS video tapes digitized at The Hub $0.00
Photos, slides, or negatives digitized at The Hub $0.00
LP records or cassette tapes digitized at The Hub $0.00

This calculator has been adapted from the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) provided by the Massachusetts Library Association. Read our explanations of the values.