Authors @ the Zoo

Meet Your Favorite Writers

You know how sometimes you read and book and you wish you could sit down with the author and ask them all the questions that are burning in your head. How did they come up with those characters? What parts of the story are like their real lives? Why did they kill your favorite character?

Because we know what it's like to want to connect with your favorite writers, the Teen Services Department periodically brings in teen authors for you to meet. Every March, we invite at least one author to speak to teens, librarians, teachers, and college students over a two day period. The first day includes presentations at local schools, the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home, and Kalamazoo Public Library. On the second day, we sponsor a teen literature seminar for educators, librarians, parents, youth leaders, and college students at Western Michigan University's Fetzer Center. Throughout the year, we schedule author visits whenever possible, often during Teen Read Week in October, or during summer vacation.