NOTE: The Lovell Street entrance to the Central Library parking lot will be closed periodically due to construction. The Rose Street (west) entrance will remain open.

2nd Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival

2005 Entries

  • Awake-Ashley Davis
  • Self Portrait of Jon Tereshinski-Jon Tereshinski
  • Favorite Time of Day-Christine Stamper
  • Change-Zander Brezinsky
  • Paint it Black-Scott Puckett
  • Flash 7 News-John Graham
  • Annoyances-Evan Conrad
  • Personal Changes-Devin Ruddon
  • Dress Code-Chris Vogt
  • Breaking Up the Monotony-Michaelia Kelley
  • The Mozart Effect-Jordan Keller
  • Eat-Benjamin Davidson
  • Shannon's Self-Portrait-Shannon Rench
  • Extreme Tubing-Steven Anderson
  • Sleeping In-Matt Topping
  • The Empty Bottle-Travis Nyhof
  • Shoe Fetish-Morgan Paupore and Allie Wolcott
  • Kicking the Habit-Nick Swiat
  • Nighttime in Red October-Andrew Pientka
  • Shades of Gray-Shawn Harnden
  • Cathode Ray Dreams-Robert Davidson (Best Special Effects)
  • Vicksburg's Golf Team-Steven Anderson
  • Diablo-Ben and Meg Keedy
  • It's Only Love-Tim Granaderos and Gregory Vincent


  • Joanna Clare Scott
  • Dana Kowalski
  • James Sanford