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2nd Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival

2005 Entries

  • Awake-Ashley Davis
  • Self Portrait of Jon Tereshinski-Jon Tereshinski
  • Favorite Time of Day-Christine Stamper
  • Change-Zander Brezinsky
  • Paint it Black-Scott Puckett
  • Flash 7 News-John Graham
  • Annoyances-Evan Conrad
  • Personal Changes-Devin Ruddon
  • Dress Code-Chris Vogt
  • Breaking Up the Monotony-Michaelia Kelley
  • The Mozart Effect-Jordan Keller
  • Eat-Benjamin Davidson
  • Shannon's Self-Portrait-Shannon Rench
  • Extreme Tubing-Steven Anderson
  • Sleeping In-Matt Topping
  • The Empty Bottle-Travis Nyhof
  • Shoe Fetish-Morgan Paupore and Allie Wolcott
  • Kicking the Habit-Nick Swiat
  • Nighttime in Red October-Andrew Pientka
  • Shades of Gray-Shawn Harnden
  • Cathode Ray Dreams-Robert Davidson (Best Special Effects)
  • Vicksburg's Golf Team-Steven Anderson
  • Diablo-Ben and Meg Keedy
  • It's Only Love-Tim Granaderos and Gregory Vincent


  • Joanna Clare Scott
  • Dana Kowalski
  • James Sanford