3rd Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival

2006 Award Winners

  • Best Film: Eternal High-Bryce Mackie
  • Best Acting: Eternal High-Bryce Mackie
  • Best Editing: Famine (An American Film)-Michael Prokopchuk and Ross Turcotte
  • Best Cinematography: Spooked-Chris Jarvis
  • Best Special Effects: Spooked-Chris Jarvis
  • Best Screenplay: Flash 7 News: The Sequel-John Graham


  • In-Service Day-Jared Doty
  • Blood Drive-Michigan Avenue Academy
  • Closet Creature-Jon Tereshinski
  • In My Mind-Kasey Grohs
  • Robert Frost: Fire and Ice-Tyler James Malkowski
  • The Pokagons: Taking a Stand on History-Alex Prediger
  • Double Trouble-Allison Walle
  • Kung Foo-Caitlin Ouding
  • Ask Questions-Andrew Lynch
  • Weightless-Nick Smith
  • Kirkwood-Alex Haan
  • House of Healing Psychiatric Hospital-Karah Boodt
  • For the Anniversary of My Death-Perry Menken
  • The Necessity of Appearing in Your Own Face-Sean Stoto


  • David Drzick
  • James Sanford
  • Susan Woods