5th Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival

2008 Award Winners

  • Best Film: The Next LeBron by Chris Jarvis
  • Best Animation: Only in Dreams by Kevin McGraw
  • Best Technical Merit: In a Middle of a Room by Jonathan Brandt
  • Best Documentary: Illegal Education by Brian Ward
  • Best Short Film: Legend of the M&M by Kelsey Sims
  • Best Experimental Film: Weightless by Michael Bruny


  • We Speak Life by Zachary
  • Lilly Reverse Reading-Ralph Paffenbarger
  • Amazing Adventure of Mr. Blob-Jordan Bradford
  • Mmmm...Chunky Pineapple 2: Sweet Revenge-Philip Maxwell and Zach Terry (Judge's Choice and People's Choice)
  • The Cycle-James E. Dean-Howell
  • Blur Ball-Shelby Curwen-Garber
  • Brother Henry-Lydia King
  • 11 Seconds from a Coma-Brandon Suhr
  • Heinz Commercial #2-Michael A. Watts
  • Good Morning Baltimore-Luke DeBoer
  • Blob and Friends-Kenny Seiling and the M.A.A. Film Class


  • Dave Jaconette, WKZO’s “Man at the Movies”
  • James Sanford, Kalamazoo Gazette film critic
  • Rebekah Farrugia
  • Jennifer Machiorlatti


  • Kalamazoo Public Library 
  • Kalamazoo Institute of Arts 
  • Community Access Center 
  • Goodrich Quality Theatres
  • Jones Soda 
  • Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs