Kinetic Affect

Date, Location

    Challenging Beliefs, Pushing Boundaries

    Teen Services announces the performance of local spoken word artists, Kinetic Affect!

    Giron and Latimer are committed to challenging beliefs, pushing boundaries, embracing differences, and—together—they seek to increase awareness of local and global issues. The Kinetic Affect reminds us all that life is not a race against anyone but yourself…

    About Kinetic Affect

    The Kinetic Affect combines the past experiences and powerful voices of two men from different walks of life; though both at first had fiercely competed against each other on the stage, Gabriel Giron and Kirk Latimer later joined their voices to create an entirely new spoken word poetry experience… ...a bond that would prove to be more powerful than either one had ever expected…

    Since then, they have performed for a variety of local, regional and national organizations and audiences, conducting youth workshops, benefit performances, and participating in kick-offs, awareness raisers, and fund-raisers. Their partnership as Kinetic Affect, LLC., was formalized in the summer of 2007.

    Gabrie’s Latino background and hip-hop influences collide on stage with Kirk’s Native American heritage and academic nature in a way never seen before. And regardless of their apparent differences, they had discovered surprising similarities, not only in the power of their combined voices, but also in the impact of their unique and tumultuous histories… their stories prove that success is not determined by how high a man climbs, but by how high he bounces once he hits bottom.