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Back to School with the 25 Best Websites

So, you’ve collected your Beach Safe, your Mint Tin, your book to keep, and even a “Make Waves” t-shirt. You’ve checked in with all the raffle chances you’ve earned for the end of the second raffle period on August 7. And in a few short weeks it will be time to go back to classes. You have every reason to be excited when you have tools from the American Association of School Librarians 25 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning at your disposal. The AASL list is chock full of tools you can use to share media, tell stories, organize your day and data, network and communicate, and much more. LiveBinders, Weblist, and Creative Commons are all tools you and your teachers may find useful. JASON Science connects you with great explorers and great events in science. Explore these and other useful tools and show your teachers. I bet you’ll find ways to use them nobody’s thought of yet.
And by the way, there’s still the third and final raffle period for Summer Reading Games so, if you haven’t even signed up for Summer Reading Games, come to the library!


Back to School with the 25 Best Websites


cool! nice T boys, love to have one of them too how to make websites
The science website is what i was looking for.
That's lot of useful resources!

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