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Ptolemy's Gate



A book written by Jonathan Stroud

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In this thrilling conclusion of the Bartimaeus trilogy, the destinies of Bartimaeus, Nathaniel, and Kitty are thrown together once more. For the first time, the secrets of Bartimaeus's past are revealed, and the threesome must face treacherous magicians, unravel a masterfully complex conspiracy, and defeat a formidable faction of demons.

Reviewed by Josh, age 11

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Josh says, “It was the best book I have ever read.”

I’m going to be reviewing the book Ptolemy’s Gate by Jonathan Stroud. It was the best book I have ever read. But it is the third of the Bartimaeus trilogy so make sure to read the first and the second book before you read this one. It was a book that would be a rival to the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. It was that good. It was exciting; it was a total new realm of fiction that was so out there that it was cool. And the ending was amazing!