Spy High Mission One


A book written by A.J. Butcher

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As students at a special high school that trains them to be secret agents, six teenagers struggle to complete the training exercises as a team before being sent out into the field to sink or swim.

Reviewed by Lena, age 10

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Lena says, “I like the book because of the action.”

Spy High is a high school that trains spies. The headmaster has made a team of students called the Bond Team, but they are short of students. Bengamin T. Stanton and Jake Daly threaten to ruin the team's chances at completing the academy's virtual reality traning program. Ben, the group leader, is from a rich family so everyone thinks he is stuck up. Suddenly the Bond team find themselves on a mission to destroy Storm Field, an evil scientist. I like the book because of the action. I think that the grade level was 5th - 6th grade.