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Your Story: Barb Beck

“KPL’s Law Library was a phenomenal resource”

Your law library has been an excellent resource for me over the past year. Circumstances following my divorce required my appearance, once again, in court. Rather than paying an attorney to represent me (too deep in debt to one already), I chose to represent myself. KPL’s Law Library was a phenomenal resource and the librarians were extremely helpful.

Because of my education and career, researching case law, Michigan statutes, court rules, and public acts is not difficult for me. There are many people who are capable of representing themselves in court. However, they may lack some basic research skills that are necessary in preparing a pro se case.

If you offered a workshop or seminar on legal research and pro se representation (and charge a fee... heck the cheapest attorney out there is about $180.00/hour) I think people would be very interested. Just my opinion.

Because people are losing jobs at an unusually high rate, more folks are having to return to court to renegotiate child support, alimony, etc. Providing your patrons with skills that might allow them to represent themselves in these cases would be a tremendous “gift.”