Your Story: Connie Ferguson

“...where everyone in the community feels they belong...”

A fan and friend of the library for more than 30 years, Connie Ferguson is also an active member of the Kalamazoo Area League of Women Voters, which reaches local voters through KPL. “The Library is one of our best distribution points for voter guides and other materials,” Connie says. “We have things at all the branches of KPL and at other public libraries in the county. A library has a particular role as a neutral place where everyone in the community feels they belong. It’s a comfortable place for people to go.”

The League, with about 175 members in the Kalamazoo branch, is a citizen organization with a goal of enabling informed and active participation of people in our government. “We do this through education and advocacy,” Connie says. “We’re strictly non partisan but we do take positions on issues.” That includes the group’s recent support of the successful KPL millage.