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ONEplace@kpl is a management support organization offering resources and services to nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers in Kalamazoo County.

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Survey results - part II

As I wrote last week, we conducted our annual year-end survey a couple of months ago. Your feedback once again affirmed the value and direction of ONEplace. (It pleases our funders!) While the affirmation is great, my biggest surprise was...

Survey results

A couple of months ago, we sent our year-end survey to everyone inviting your feedback and suggestions for our programs and services. I’m happy to report that, again this year, nearly 100% of respondents recommended ONEplace to others and plan to return to ONEplace for additional professional development. That feels great....

How do I respond?

I am overwhelmed by report after report of violence, corruption, crime, lies, and destruction. Even if I turn it off or stay at home, I cannot escape. Reminders are everywhere. So, like everyone else, I’m faced with the question:...

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