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The Girl You Left BehindThe Girl You Left Behind

Wow! I loved this book! I want to read The Girl You Left Behind  by Jojo Moyes again immediately but I already know what happens so I don't think it would be the same. I do hope someone makes it into a movie!...


A Nelson Mandela Tribute! Posted by Judi, Jul 29, 2014 06:53:28 PM


DNA Home Kits, Walmart drugs, and good bye Doctors Posted by Matt, Jul 29, 2014 09:13:29 AM


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Staff-recommended viewing from the KPL catalog.

The HuntGuilty Until Proven Innocent

Last year, the Danish film The Hunt was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category. It's the story of the social and individual price of a child's lie. Good natured Lucas works at the local elementary school, beloved by the school children and adored by his hunting buddies, Lucas finds himself at the center of a police probe after his best friend's daughter claims that Lucas abused her. As the town rallies behind the girl's claim, Lucas finds himself socially disconnected from the small town and the target of violence. The film tackles the subject of mob mentality and how quickly a faleshood can function to demonize an innocent person. Driven by a strong performance by the lead actor, The Hunt is an excellent film worth checking out....


Carried Away Posted by Gary, Jul 25, 2014 04:17:50 PM


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Most Messed UpMost Messed Up in the Best Possible Way

“We’ve been doing this thing longer than you’ve been alive, propelled by some mysterious drive,” is the first couple lines of “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive” the first track from the Old 97’s newest record Most Messed Up. Celebrating their 20th year as a band, the Old 97’s have released one of the best records of 2014. Fans of Americana, punk (Tommy Stinson from The Replacements plays on a few tracks), and alt-country will be happy to discover that the boys from Texas have messed those genre up into a pure raucous ride. Songs like “Let’s Get Drunk & Get It On” and “Wasted” are anthems to the hard life of a band strumming hard through two decades of music. “Guadalajara” and “The Ex of All You See” tell the torrid tales of love and loss on the road. After the final song has ended you will have felt like you have listened to a musical biography of a most messed up, but amazing band. In fact, the chorus of the lead track sums the entire record nicely, “Rock and Roll’s been very very good to me, the open road’s the only place I wanna be.”...


An Original Soul Singer Posted by Ryan, Jul 11, 2014 10:31:36 AM


Classics from the 60's, 70's and 90's Posted by Ryan, Jul 3/, 2014 04:16:54 PM


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Library news and happenings.

Proposition 1 - Personal Property Tax

Many governmental agencies, professional organizations, and businesses are urging a “yes” vote on Proposal 1 on August 5. This week the library board followed the lead of others and passed a resolution of support....


Where Have You Read? Posted by Ann, Jul 21, 2014 08:22:26 AM


A New Look, New Features Posted by Ann, Jul 3/, 2014 09:11:06 AM


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Storyteller Chris Fascione at Oshtemo Library

Tickets are now available at Oshtemo Library for storyteller Chris Fascione’s performance onFriday, July 25 at 3pm. Fascione brings classic literature to life with storytelling, mime, juggling, and comedy. Don’t miss this crazy fun program! Come pick up a free ticket at Oshtemo Library today!...


DIY with the Kids Posted by Bill, Jul 3/, 2014 04:22:08 PM


Three Book Battle 2014 Winners! Posted by Jill, Jun 3/, 2014 11:57:41 AM


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Bookstore News July 30 - August 2



Bookstore News July 23 - 26 Posted by Carol, Jul 22, 2014 03:56:33 PM


Bookstore News July 16 - 19 Posted by Carol, Jul 15, 2014 03:49:22 PM


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Storms & SandMichigan’s Historic Lighthouses

On Monday evening, May 19th, the Southwest Michigan Postcard Club will present “Michigan Lighthouses: Past and Present,” a trip along Michigan’s shoreline with author Grace Truman at the Oshtemo Branch Library. Truman will illustrate her talk with a slideshow of photo postcards that she and her husband have collected over the course of their journeys....


Images of the Civil War Posted by Beth, Mar 20, 2014 03:09:28 PM


The New History Room Posted by Beth, Dec 5/, 2013 09:38:27 AM, 4 Comments


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Rashida Geeks Faith

I know that I am not in control but someONE greater is helping me along my path of righteousness. I love that He comes through when I feel all hope is lost. ...


Jim Geeks Battleships Posted by Geek, Dec 4/, 2013 09:05:57 AM


Chandler Geeks Music Posted by Geek, Jul 23, 2013 07:57:32 AM, 1 Comment


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Opportunities for Nonprofit Excellence

Coffee with Janice Brown

This month we sat down with Janice Brown, now Trustee with The Kalamazoo Promise, as she discusses her career journey....


Just ONEthing - August 2014 Posted by Thom, Jul 31, 2014 09:20:56 AM


Sneak a peek...workshops Posted by Thom, Jul 31, 2014 09:03:10 AM


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That’s a Wrap!

Several weeks have passed since Novella Carpenter was in town as the final event of Reading Together 2014. During that time, we have been busy collecting statistics, photos, and feedback about this year’s program. ...


A Note from Novella Carpenter Posted by Karen, Apr 24, 2014 03:48:08 PM


The Enormity of Novella Carpenter’s Drive Posted by Steering, Apr 16, 2014 08:17:54 AM


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Computing : from the abacus to the iPad Computing and connecting in the 21st century Computing and connecting in the 21st centuryGoogle Glass

What is Google Glass? Google announced a little over a year ago that they were working on a wearable computing device. This device is a pair of glasses that has a small light-weight camera, GPS, wireless capabilities, and some type of transparent LCD or AMOLED display to put information right in front of your eyeballs. What can they do? This pair of specs can record video, take pictures, send messages, connect to your smartphone, communicate with the cloud, translate languages, show your friends exactly what you are currently seeing, give directions, check for heavy traffic, or if a subway is down, give the closest restaurant locations, and look up searches on the web. These glasses have a HUD (Heads up Display), it shows everything from the current time to messages sent or received. You will be able to scroll and click by tilting your head, according to testers, this is quite easy to master. ...