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Lose Yourself In a Book

As I get older, I retain less and less of what I read. Sometimes I find it hard to even recall storylines or important parts of books from things I’m currently reading when people ask me. However, Rebecca Solnit , a writer I discovered about three years ago, has related stories and created images that have stuck ...

Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood by bell hooks Posted by   Elyse, 5/25/2016 03:41:12 PM | Add a Comment

Lily and the Octopus Posted by   Karen, 5/25/2016 10:23:06 AM | Add a Comment

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50 Greatest Films

Back in 2012, Sight and Sound Magazine published their most recent critics survey of the 50 greatest films of all time (conducted every 10 years). It's a great list to use as a guide as well as one to debate about those titles omitted. Here it is . ...

Great Movies You Probably Haven't Seen (Yet) Posted by   Ryan, 5/25/2016 03:31:00 PM | Add a Comment

500 Days of Summer Posted by   Ryan, 5/24/2016 04:44:40 PM | Add a Comment

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The Death of Rock

The last couple of years have been difficult for me musically. Having come of age during the birth of the flannel-espousing grunge era, which morphed into the somewhat ironically-named “ alternative rock ” movement (which then morphed into what was commonly referred to as “modern rock” when it finally gave up any pr ...

Freegal Artist Spotlight--Nothing Posted by   Ryan, 5/25/2016 02:53:26 PM | Add a Comment

Guy Clark Posted by   Ryan, 5/20/2016 10:52:08 AM | Add a Comment

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Happy National Library Week to You!

This is National Library Week , April 12 – 18. We join with libraries, schools, bookstores, and publishers in celebrating this week to highlight the value of libraries. This year’s theme is “Unlimited Possibilities @ Your Library.” In the mid 1950s, research showed that Americans were spending less time wit ...

Library Shout-Out Posted by   Ann, 2/9/2015 09:26:11 AM | Add a Comment

Michigan Notable Books 2015 Posted by   Ann, 2/4/2015 08:11:09 AM | Add a Comment

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Summer Reading Challenge!

Summer Reading Challenge is almost here! Signup begins June 1st. Read or listen to books every day and mark each day you read 20 minutes or more. Then come in and let us know when you've read 15 days and get a prize. It's easy and it's fun and, for the first year ever, KPL is offering an online reading challenge, wh ...

Picture Book Neighborhoods Posted by   Bill, 2/19/2016 12:44:23 PM | Add a Comment

Urban Fiction Book Discussion Group @ Powell Posted by   Judi, 11/30/2015 03:20:58 PM | Add a Comment

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Bookstore & Book Sale News Weekof May 25, 2016

I hope you’ve marked your calendars for our big Bag-of-Books Sale on June 4. It will be held in the library parking lot from 9 – 3:30. I think it’s the only place in town you can fill up a grocery-size bag full of books for only $2.00! This week in the store all music CDs are only $1.00 per disc. Stock up on some gre ...

Bookstore News May 15 - 21 DVD Sale Posted by   Carol, 5/17/2016 03:41:59 PM | Add a Comment

Book Sale News Posted by   Carol, 5/11/2016 04:46:15 PM | Add a Comment

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Local History and Genealogy


Working at the local history desk I am often reminded how wonderful it is to have a large local school yearbook collection . They are certainly among the most popular items in the history room – and is it any wonder? Who doesn’t enjoy looking at their old yearbooks? But the funny thing is, it doesn’t have to be your ...

Kalamazoo County Plat Books Posted by   Beth, 5/3/2016 03:00:55 PM | Add a Comment

New Collection of School Photos Posted by   Tamara, 4/15/2016 11:45:17 AM | Add a Comment


Opportunities for Nonprofit Excellence

Just ONEthing - May 2016

A recent Pew survey found that almost three quarters of American adults consider themselves lifelong learners. Among that group, 74% say they personal learners, and 63% are professional learners, those pursuing knowledge for career advancement. ONEplace is privileged to serve as an educational resource for professio ...

Latte With Joe Barth Posted by   Lolita, 5/24/2016 12:41:27 PM | Add a Comment

May Nonprofit Questions & Answers Posted by   Lolita, 5/20/2016 12:41:15 PM | Add a Comment