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A middle-grade family book club!

Oct 15, 6:30 pm, Central (family)


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From Orphan to Dancer!

This is truly a feel-good story. It all started when Michaela was living at an orphanage in Sierra Leone with her best friend Mia. Of course, life was not easy on the orphanage, especially for Michaela. She missed her parents and she had a condition called “vitiligo”, which she got teased for. One day the wind blew a dream in to her. It was a picture of a ballerina. What Michaela liked most about the picture was how happy and beautiful the dancer looked in her pink tutu. To be happy like the dancer was something she wanted for herself and it became a dream that she held unto. The orphan children had to escape Sierra Leone. It was a long and dangerous walk to West Africa. But, Papa Andrew led the children to a better place and he found families for some of them. Mia and Michaela were adopted by Elaine DePrince. Elaine made sure that Michaela would have the lessons and life that she needed to make her Ballerina Dreams come true....


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